On the way to Tong Ah, Pugs and Wolls passed by a very cheerful looking cafe that Wolls wanted to visit. Despite having stuffed their faces at Tong Ah, the two gluttons headed back down to Banana Tree cafe in search of happyness.

Pugs and Wolls were most pleasantly surprised. In addition to having the most cheery coloured interior design and coffee cups, the desserts came in cute little flower pots, with fake flowers to top it off. After seeing the row of flower pots lined up in front of fruit juices in the display, Wolls had to order one. To top off lunch. you know. perfect diet plan. eat a pot of flowers and have a cup of full fat milk coffee, instead of drinking whole fruit juice. Pugs and Wolls had a cup of coffee each, and a flower pot to share. I don’t suppose it really matters what flavour the flower pot was supposed to be because it was so pretty and instagrammable and the tiny spoon was in the shape of a spade. More time was spent cooing and oohing and ahhing rather than eating anything, but it was totally worth the time spent sitting there chilling on a weekday afternoon, alternating between staring out of the window and into the cheery interior.

Because Pugs and Wolls were in no hurry whatsoever that day, they were unfazed by the slow service (and even enjoyed the wait, really) but catch Wolls on a day with a deadline and they may have kicked up a fuss.

the row of flower pots on display

the dessert. comes with soil, pebbles, flowers and two spade spoons.


more coffee. much happiness derived from sunshine coloured cups.

welcoming you into banana tree.

the aftermath. noms.