When Wolls first tried Koji Sushi Bar, they had newly opened and she was won over by both their (very good) Chirashi dons which come with a brown rice option (Wolls is predisposed towards brown rice) as well as their omakase sets (which, at that time, was at $85++). Wolls decided that she had to bring Pugs to try this place out, given his inclination for Japfood. omnomnom. By then, the price of the 10-course omakase set had increased, along with the popularity of this tiny restaurant at china square central. (inflation lah. everything in singapore also increase price, cannot blame them).

Notwithstanding the slightly increased prices, it is still affordable and very good omakase. The photos below will speak for themselves.

century egg tofu with fish roe. wolls’ all time favourite jap appetiser. noms.

this was tomatoes, some mushroom (i think) and a whole huge chunk of mentaiko.

this was surprisingly good and refreshing although both Pugs and Wolls were slightly apprehensive at first.

Pugs, a huge mentaiko fan, was slightly disappointed with this chunk of pure mentaiko, but Wolls found it a nice combination with the less strong tasting radish. Collectively, being unappreciative of proper good food, they still prefer mentaiko in mayo with pasta :p the ordinary folk sort.

only bar seating is available around the small kitchen area that is utilised most efficiently to prepare all the food items. The blackboard is updated for the menu available each day.

noms. ’nuff said.

the sashimi plate. Each piece was fresh and yummy. nomnom.

As Pugs will invariable exclaim, look at the marbling!

another sample close up.

yellowtail. This was good, but not spectacular. Still, Wolls always orders this at Jap restaurants and it was a welcome item for them on the omakase menu.

beef. in soup. cooking.

this wasn’t extremely premium grade beef, but it was tender and cooked just right (although yes, the wait staff had to help Pugs and Wolls stir the soup around and all that…) the taste of the soup was very yummy (though objectlvely slightly salty) and very additive. Both Pugs and Wolls slurped up all the veges after finishing the beef too.

white asparagus to cleanse the palate after that soup. By this time, Pugs and Wolls are almost bursting at the seams. Pugs found this nice and tasty, but Wolls who just came back from Belgium and had her fill of white asparagus found it a bit too chewy for her liking.

and now the sushi starts. scallop. noms. fresh and good. with a small lump of rice.

salmon. yumyumyum.

Aburi-something. By this time, Pugs and Wolls were in a state of food coma but still had to stuff every morsel of sushi goodness into them.

and when they thought they couldn’t eat any more, they breathed a sigh of relief when the next dish (which was the last dish) was fruits. Still, it was VERY GOOD. THIS IS NOT A NORMAL MELON. (the peach was imported too, but the melon was mind blowingly good.) Wolls still dreams about it sometimes.

Pre-reservation for the omakase is necessary, but otherwise walk ins will do. The lunch crowd is quite scary though, with the throngs of office workers heading there for a very good but still affordable chirashi fix. The dinner crowd is generally okay though Wolls (being kiasu) will always still call to reserve.