On the recommendation of a friend, Pugs and Wolls headed down to Tong Ah Eating House, thinking that it was still located in its popular spot at the corner of Keong Saik with the iconic red and white colours. Fortunately, the coffee shop had moved just a few doors down and the two gluttons could still stuff their face with tze char for lunch.

Menu of Tong Ah Eating House, featuring their old shop facade as well as various media highlights and food awards.
Stir fried kangkong

Decent – the stems were not too chewy, and the sauce was just right to be eaten with rice (although slightly salty on its own). NOMS.

Coffee Pork Ribs

Wolls is a fan of coffee and pork ribs, so the blog will probably see quite a number of coffee pork ribs. This was decent too, both for the meat texture and the taste.

Cereal prawns

What we are sure will be a regular feature of this blog again, cereal prawns. these were good too, but not really anything to rave about. The cereal bits were quite yummy and the gluttons ended up eating more rice than is good for them just so that they could eat the cereal, and the prawns were nice and crunchy.

Part of the charm of Tong Ah was probably its shop facade, that had, previously withstood the redevelopment around it and gave its patrons that old school reminiscence. The food, while good (well, at least decent enough – the common remark was ‘oh, not bad.’ but not quite ‘oooh this is very good omnomnom’) is nothing to rave about (at least, not somewhere Pugs would brave the lack of parking space to eat, or somewhere Wolls would queue for… (though having said that, Wolls hardly finds anything worth queueing for cos Wolls is deadpan and dispassionate that way). ) However, it is still worth checking out if you’re in the area, and would be a nice lunch option with colleagues if you work in the area.

Wolls has a friend who would have gotten married at Tong Ah if she could, but I guess that friend meant the original location.