Before a staycation at New Majestic Hotel (for which a short review will [hopefully] be posted here), Pugs’ dad had told him about a very famous charsiew stall near the hotel. As would be expected, we had to check this out (and also spend our entire staycation stuffing our faces, but no matter – we have a grand plan to exercise too).

Surprisingly (maybe because it was too early in the morning, around 11ish when our tummies started protesting and we headed out to find food), it wasn’t too crowded and Wolls settled down at a large table, leaving Pugs to do the ordering.

we were hungry and polished off all the food quickly. Much satisfaction.The soup was good too, tasty but not too salty. Having said that however, perhaps our expectations were raised cos of Pugs’ dad’s recommendations, but while we found the char siew and sio bak good enough, it was not quite mindblowingly fantastic (unlike the charsiew we had in penang which was just mouthfuls of pure bliss…). We read other reviews online talking about long queues and whatnot, and while we would sit in the (rather warm) coffeeshop for this meal, we probably wouldn’t queue more than say, 10 minutes for it.

[Update: Read about mouthwatering char siew in Penang here!  [Sin Nam Huat, Penang]