Penny University, the famed coffee place modelled after joints in Aussie. And yet, the coffee addict in me has only been there once.

One of the MAIN reasons why we’ve never headed there is the clear lack of parking lots available, especially on weekends. The last time we attempted to eat at Beach Road Prawn Noodles along the same stretch of road, we failed terribly and ended up around Tembeling Rd for Peranakan food instead, because it was not possible to find a place where Pugs could park his car.

So one weekday morning, at an unearthly hour of 9am, we decided to make a trip down to Penny University before we started the day. Bleary-eyed and not at all awake, we forgot to take photos of the coffee, which is what Penny University is supposedly famous for.
{here, insert imaginary photo of two cups of flat whites with the usual floral-leaf latte art thing}
The coffee was indeed good, fragrant and woke both of us enough to take photos of the food.

We had a full breakfast and a simple scrambled eggs on toast to share. The food was decent cafe style food, nothing to shout about, but a nice start to the day (especially paired with the excellent coffee).

I was most envious of all the people sitting around with their laptops sipping on coffee, looking like they could sit there everyday, all day, and earn money doing that. if only i could have a similar alternative career path. lesigh. [prods Pugs.]