I made a reservation for The Sushi Bar for lunch one day when the both of us decided to take the day off to gallivant (we went to Haw Par Villa no less, and photos of the place will probably follow shortly). Pugs asked me several times whether the place was really called “the sushi bar” or if i was just referring to A sushi bar. No, it is really called “The Sushi Bar”. I seem to remember going once when it was in some corner with my friend, for dinner one evening and we were the last people to join the queue. I either have a bad memory, or they moved to a proper restaurant set up nearby.

In any event, I had my usual chirashi don.

Pugs had this ootoro don thingy which im personally not a fan of, but according to Pugs was yums and totally worth what we paid for it.

Chirashi Don. Filled with THICK slabs of sashimi which were all fresh and very good. and to my astonishment, I was VERY VERY FULL, despite sharing half my sashimi with Pugs. (This is probably why Pugs is growing rounder by the day).

and then cos I’m generally greedy, we ordered an additional maki to go along with it. aburi salmon with ebi filling. this was very good too. the salmon was delish and the ebi nice and crunchy.

we polished all of it off and left STUFFED. OMNOMNOM.

Surprisingly, there was no queue that afternoon for lunch, and if only this was closer to my office, I would totally go every other day for my chirashi don fix.