what a romantic name isn’t it.
We headed to Penang recently, for a short getaway from work. Unfortunately, we ended up working much on in Penang as well, but you know, at least we were not physically in the office and got to explore Penang for a bit.
It was my third trip to Penang in this year alone, and the previous two trips I had stayed at Campbell House. This time, Pugs and I decided to try out 23 Love Lane because we actually managed to get a vacant room at a very very slightly cheaper price than Campbell House. Plus, 23 Love Lane comes highly recommended on TripAdvisor.

Upon arriving in Penang, we got accosted by a private driver, and because no one was manning the official taxi counter and I was with Pugs who is quite large, I decided it was safe enough to hop on an unregulated car. We didn’t regret it and the driver was most friendly and knowledgeable. He also didn’t force us to stop by any places of interests or rest stops or whatever, and charged us a very reasonable 45RM to our hotel. I think that’s market rate.

We didn’t call him again in the end because we never ventured out of Georgetown, but I would have called him if we did.

The entrance of the hotel. Pretty, no? Hipster me was quite excited. And i loved walking down this stone paved pathway everyday out of the oldschool door every day to go out and explore Penang.

This was the open area on the first floor – a nice courtyard, comfy sofas and seating areas to just chill, and if you wanted to, to interact with other guests as well. Everything just felt very nice and homey. We were also served a nice refreshing welcome drink while waiting to check in.

This was also where tea was served everyday – room rates include a buffet-style simple tea at 4pm, where agaragar, fruits, spring rolls and the most divine green bean soup was served.

On the second floor where our room was located was another open area, with books, board games and decorated in a nice warm homely way. There was also free flow coffee and tea by the side.

This was a random decoration hanging outside in the open area where the stairs led.

And we finally entered our room. Comfortable, spacious, high ceiling, large bed (although it was two beds put together) and strangely cooling even without the airconditioning on. We had the most pleasant three nights in this room, working, watching shows, and even doing our 7-minute workouts.

We headed out after doing a bit of work and came back at night after dinner, to a beautifully lit entrance.

There was also turn down service, a concept which I have never understood, and personally, I don’t like frangipanis on my bed. But well that’s purely a personal preference and it was a nice touch. (for the next 3 days however, after they made the room, i made it a point to hang the do not disturb sign so I don’t get frangipanis…).

I must also commend the hotel on their pest control – we were not attacked by any insects (whether ants or mosquitoes or flies) during our stay.

There’s free wifi throughout the hotel though the upload speed was really quite miserable and left us quite frustrated sometimes. Still, I have to say that we are quite intense people when it comes to internet access and the wifi is actually good enough for most purposes (if you’re not trying to upload a 10mb attachment to email to clients, or upload all your photos of the trip at once…)

The room also included a daily breakfast, which I would suggest you give a miss. Breakfast was served at their restaurant (which serves Steak and Frites at night) and there was a cereal and bread counter, plus a choice of eggs/local breakfast e.g. nasi lemak. I opted for Nasi Lemak and I honestly don’t remember what Pugs had, but the breakfast was decidedly… unmemorable. For the next two days, we ate out and had much wonderful food. Skip the brekkie. Go out. You’re already in Penang, the haven of good food. No need to save on breakfast.

In comparison with Campbell House, I would say that the rooms are comparable, together with the common areas as well. And they are both unique and interesting in their own ways. Campbell House had slightly more personable service, the most interesting pulley system to lift your luggage upstairs, iced lemon tea, milk and water that was refilled everyday in the fridge, and a much much much better breakfast (when i stayed at Campbell I had breakfast at the hotel every day). Somehow the housekeeping in Campbell felt a bit more thorough as well, although this place did replace our toiletries and replenished the soap/shampoo etc every day. On the other hand, 23 Love Lane is slightly more conveniently located I think (though I can’t quite put my finger on why since both are within Georgetown and walking distance of.. well pretty much everywhere we went, which you will realise in the next few posts, was… quite alot of food.)

Ahh I can’t wait for my next holiday.