We headed down to Canton Paradise for breakfast, indoor air-conditioned insulation away from the haze. Orders were quickly made, and soon arrived one after the other. They’ve really got their processes streamlined!

The Paradise brand as usual was good with presentation, with nice, evenly cut portions, stacking, and garnishing.

Sio bak, served with a side of English mustard

Tastewise, really left much more to be desired given the prices. The roast pork (sio bak) didn’t really have crispy skin, and the fats in between hadn’t really been rendered enough.

Run of the mill siew mai

The siew mai were also nothing to shout about, and tasted of cheap fatty meat.

Luckily, the meal was somewhat saved by the next two dishes. The fried mango prawn rolls, and the char siew.

Canton Paradise serves two types of char siew, the standard lean cut char siew, which was ordinary at best, and the fatty char siew, which uses belly pork.

Fatty char siew

Clearly, the latter won out in taste, being nicely sweet and caramelised. It wasn’t the best fatty char siew that I’ve eaten, but it certainly was one of the better dishes that day.

Overall, Canton Paradise was really more about presentation and ambience than the food.