I remember as a child, I used to love wandering around Muji and other similar places like CitySuper (ok, not quite the same I know). I still love wandering around Muji and can spend hours peering at their stuff. My current daily organiser for 2015 is purchased at the Muji express store at the HK airport after a business trip late last year.

The Muji cafe at Paragon has been opened for a while, but I had been reading reviews of the crowd thronging the place that I decided to hold off for a while. Two weekends ago, I headed down in the afternoon, deliberately avoiding lunch hour, and was pleasantly surprised to see no queue and ample seats.

I entered the brightly lit area after being greeted by a most polite (jap-like) service staff, and happily went to the counter to order my food. I was a bit overenthuasiastic as usual, as you will see from the wide array of food below, but everything was absolutely delicious. Generally there’s a choice of 3 (comprising 1 hot and 2 cold dishes) dish plates, or 4 (comprising 2 hot and 2 cold) dish plates, coupled with rice or bread. There’s also a brown rice option for a slight top up, and because I’m predisposed towards brown rice (as mentioned in an earlier post), I went for the brown rice option. After the food was portioned out and placed on my tray, it looked… too light and healthy for my liking, and so i added on an iced chai tea and a cake (there was some teatime set). greedy much. but oh all the food was great. the cake was nice and light and spongy (not too chewy). and i was stuffed, and most pleased. it felt like a healthy but most satisfying lunch. (now i know how jap women stay so skinny and poised and glam all the time…)

in particular, the pork (top plate), prawn salad (bottom plate) and the fish (top of bottom plate) were the yummiest in my humble opinion. even the brown rice was good. i didn’t like the omelette very much, but that’s probably just a personal preference and i don’t like capsicums in my food. the chicken hamburger was alright too. the other two salads were good too, but not as memorable as the one with the prawns. noms.