In July, for Pugs’ birthday (because it was a very impt milestone that marks him squarely middle aged to me…) we had a month of celebrations, the major event being a staycation at New Majestic Hotel. I was surfing around for appropriate places, starting at Sentosa (because ambitious me who cannot swim wanted to go to AdventureCove) but then deciding that New Majestic Hotel was a better option, it being surrounded by good food and in town and accessible to most things. And having stayed at Festive Hotel and Movenpick on Sentosa, I must say that I didn’t regret my decision one bit.

For the premium that I would otherwise have paid for a hotel on Sentosa, we got a spacious, beautiful boutique hotel with the cutest, most whimsical, cutest paintings on the wall, and two large bath tubs in the middle of the room.

although i was rather scared off by the scary smiling turtle…

apparently, Pugs claims that this is a girl sitting on the boat… i don’t quite see it still.

this was my favouritest favouritest picture. i still smile looking at it. hurhur.

sheep to count if you can’t fall asleep. it was so whimsical and so dreamy. mmmm.

nespresso capsules and machine, my lifesaver. there’s also a phone with free 3g and local calls which will be most useful for tourists. it was even programmed to greet me with my name. but we left this in the room cos we didn’t really have any use of it.

i had decided to splurge (a little bit) and booked a loft room, not the most extravagant choice, but the website photos looked attractive and comfy enough. having said that though, while i would definitely do another staycation there, i don’t think i would book a loft room again – just one with the bath tubs will do because we hardly sat in the ‘living room’ area, and i was terrified of falling off the ladder climbing up and down to bed. still, it was a novel idea and experience to have once. plus, it doesn’t help that i’m a klutz and Pugs is… not very small and nimble. still, that’s just us and if you wanted space and novelty and a nice loft bed, this was an amazing room.

the scary ladder up to the loft area. the living area is below the loft, with a nice comfy sofa and a barber chair. a real life barber chair (behind the stairs). the tv featured here swivels 180degrees and you could either sit on the sofa, or soak yourself in the bathtub to watch tv (which we did, after connecting Pug’s ipad and loaded a happy show).

here’s a photo of the wash area. next to the wash area is the toilet, and opposite the toilet across the bath tubs is the shower area. it was a most pleasant experience walking out from the shower into the bath tub. whee. also, just a point of note, one bath tub is larger than the other, as we realised after Pugs was squished in one and i happily waddled around in mine, laughing at Pugs for being too large for the tub, before we swapped around the next day and I had to concede that his tub was indeed smaller than mine.

it was a most pleasant two days. we lazed around alot, ate alot, and walked around the area which is in a nice heritage area with interesting shophouses and shops. because Pugs had ordered flowers to surprise me with in the room, the hotel even supplemented it with a nice card and a small music box. They were also most prompt with responding to all my queries, regarding parking (although in the end we didn’t drive), check in and check out time and all that.

Would definitely recommend this happifying comfortable hotel. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time (or tummy space) to try the chinese restaurant, which I had tried once before, but we will probably find time to go back another time. We also didn’t take many photos of the lobby (or at all), but the lobby is most interesting with the most fascinating furniture remodelled from things like old trolleys or with the most artistic designs. There’s even a trishaw thingy in the lobby.