Our first stop in Penang was Aik Hoe Restaurant, for dim sum. To preface the next few posts on Penang, I must say that almost everything we had in Penang was good. Noms.

Aik Hoe is a traditional coffeeshop specialising in dim sum. The place looks like it has stayed the way it was since the 1950s – the sort of places my parents would go for dates if they were feeling like they had some money to spend… (my parents came from poor families and so even meat was supposedly a luxury, or so they keep telling me).

I was most enamoured by the metal chairs with the name of the coffeeshop pressed onto the backs… where can you find such chairs now, really. so oldschool.

You order at the counter pointing to the type of food you want, while they lift layers layers of huge dimsum baskets revealing smaller metal tins within, to show you what they have. There’s nothing fancy and honestly, I had no idea what half the dimsum were, so we randomly pointed to a variety of things they had and decided that we can’t go too far off.

this was very noms. The scallop was a bit dry, but the taste matched very well with the meat and the crunchy carrots, water chestnuts and other things they had in the paste. It was seasoned with some garlic and was very tasty.

the eggplants were noms much too, juicy and tasty, though a tad too oily for me.

this was good as well, glutinous rice with some meat. Pugs pretends that he’s on a diet and tries to eat less rice sometimes, so i practically polished this off on my own. To my surprise, it was quite light and not too oily/salty/whatever.

some sort of dumpling with huge peas. I don’t like peas. but it was still quite nice.

this was their meat paste thing, that is supposed to be their signature dish. The taste of the pork was too strong for me (though I think it’s meant to be like that and why people like it) but I didn’t like this very much personally.

tofu. with me, you can’t go wrong with tofu. i love tofu in all shapes and sizes.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that almost all the patrons were locals, enjoying a late breakfast and chatting with their friends over chinese tea. It’s really a no frills place for good dim sum and to feel like we were transported back in time. It was incredibly affordable too. As we left, I said to Pugs, simply, “yay!” with a nice blissful smile while rubbing my tums.


6 & 8 Lebuh Carnavon,
Georgetown, Penang.
Tel no : 016 472 0971
Business Hours : 5am – 2pm
Closed on Mondays