After Aik Hoe, on the way back to our hotel for both of us to get some work done, I looked longingly into Wheeler’s Coffee, a cafe we passed by just a few doors away from our hotel. Pugs, being his most obliging self, suggested that we head in and sit for a while (and that work could wait that half hour or so). It reminded me of a usual cafe in singapore, the sort i could hang out in and chill with a book, and it was airconditioned, had free wifi, interesting paintings on the wall and was quite quiet.

A lousy photo I took…

The cafe is bicycle-themed and made me wonder whether it was somehow affiliated to Wheeler’s Yard in Singapore, but you know i guess ‘wheeler’s’ is an understandable name for bicycle theme-ed places. I don’t even know how to cycle, but still, the cute paintings and decor, and the laid back and zen vibe of the place made it a very pleasant place to spend an hour doing nothing.

wheels hanging from the ceiling.

and a quick reminder that life is really… quite simple.

We were stuffed from lunch, so we only ordered one drink to share. It was okay, nothing to shout about, but decent and refreshing enough for a hot day in Penang.

cups with cute and pretty drawings lining the side shelf.

olaf on a unicycle

bear carrying rabbit on too small bike.

happy rabbit!

The whole place, as you can see from the photos, was just very cheery and whimsical and happifying. It was a pleasant hour spent, procrastinating, and just enjoying peace and quiet and each other’s company.

If you’re ever in Penang and needed a break from the heritage and heat, I would pop in here anytime. We actually came back here on our last day again before heading to the airport just to chill for a bit. They do have proper meals too, that looked quite good, but unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to try it.

Address: No. 67, Love Lane, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.