So I had read earlier that My Own Cafe supposedly had the best assam laksa in Penang. Of course, we had to go check it out. It’s in the heart of the Georgetown heritage area and after checking out all the street art in the area, we headed down to this cafe (which is down the road from the supposedly most famous coconut icecream) to try the assam laksa.

It is housed in a fairly traditional shophouse with peranakan-ish decor, and the cooling interior (although I believe not airconditioned) was must welcomed after a long hot trek around the heritage area.

the menu, with a nice introduction on assam laksa.

Because we literally spend the whole day eating in Penang, we generally only order one portion of food to share (so that we can sample more things as well…) This small bowl of assam laksa was good, tasty and not too spicy, but I have my doubts as to whether it is really the “best” assam laksa in Penang. It’s probably just the best publicised and a good marketing/branding campaign. Having said that, I probably will go back if I wanted assam laksa in a comfortable environment, at an affordable price.