After breakfast one day, (and i must add that this is IMMEDIATELY after breakfast one day), we passed by this chicken rice stall, which happened to be one that our taxi driver on the first day had pointed out to us as one of his favourite places to eat char siew rice. Notwithstanding the fact that we had walked out of our breakfast place (which we will write about shortly) less than 2 streets away, we decided to head in to try the char siew rice here (what the heck right, we are on holiday and should eat as much as we want).

the entrance of the shop.

a plate of fluffy goodness. The rice was delicious. even on its own. Even though we had nasi lemak earlier, we chomped down on the rice happily, without sauce or other condiments. noms.

the roast chicken (we ordered a one person portion to share). It was tender, deboned, and extremely tasty. NOMS.

and the MOST HEAVENLY PLATE OF CHARSIEW i have ever had. it was pieces of fatty sinful goodness. all attempts to diet or watch what i eat went out of the window and i happily chomped down on mouthfuls of fatty char siew that melted in my mouth.

so Pugs and I decided that we should have some sort of a rating system, starting with om, for bad, and om nom nom nom nom for a 5-star rating. This is definitely OM NOM NOM NOM NOM. all in caps. i guess a 4.5 star would be OM NOM NOM NOM nom?