Because of the disappointing breakfast at the hotel, we went in search of breakfast outside the second morning in Penang. After some googling, I found this traditional kopitiam place, where they apparently toasted bread with charcoal stoves and in old oil barrels. Of course I had to check it out.

We found Toh Soon at the back of Campbell Street, spilling over with people (clearly testament to their popularity) despite the hole in the wall sort of place it was.

There were people entering from both sides of the alley, but we fortunately managed to share a table with an older couple who were most interested in where we were from and why we were checking the place out.

After we ordered our food, we realised that there was a basket with nasi lemak, and we promptly went over to get one pack

it was a small packet, with rice, ikan bilis and egg. it was quite yums but did nothing to alleviate our hunger. It was just as well we bought this though, because the food really took quite some time to come. If not for the novelty of the place, I would have been quite impatient. Still, I had much fun with Pugs, observing the bread toasting process.

isn’t this incredibly interesting. nowhere in singapore will you be able to find and experience this.

After a bit, our coffees arrived. We each ordered a kopi peng less sweet. It was very fragrant and good – not siaps and much better than most kopitiam coffees i’ve had in sg. noms. i was very pleased with it.

FINALLY, after staring at many many many many plates of bread coming out of the oil drum, our food arrived.

half boiled eggs – these were well, eggs lor. but quite nicely done.

their famed kaya butter toast. noms.

though it wasn’t as fantastic as i hoped it would be. although perhaps our expectations were raised a bit too much from all the hype. but then cos we were very hungry, we did wolf it down very quickly and it is different from like yakun or toast box. The toasting does make a difference lah.

I would say that this is mostly for the experience and the oldschoolfeel. the coffee is good, but the rest of the food is maybe just slightly above average. Still, i would probably go back again if i were in penang just for the heck of it. heh.