For dinner on our last night in Penang, we headed to Sin Kheng Aun Restaurant, a coffeeshop essentially, serving Hainanese food.

It was quite an experience that brought us back in time as well (well i guess that’s what a heritage district is for right…). An elderly uncle in the typical white uncle singlet and shorts took our order, by throwing out random suggestions of what they had because there is no menu. Complete with old school kopitiam furniture and no airconditioning (thankfully, this was the same day it drizzled and immediately after our teochew porridge, so we were quite happy even without air conditioning), old uncles manning the cashier counter and cooking and taking orders on paper, I enjoyed myself quite a bit heh.

On the uncle’s recommendation, we had tofu, chicken and pork (because I didn’t want soup – i’m a bit paranoid with soup outside because I don’t quite know what they throw in the soup to make it taste nice, but I will admit readily that its an irrational paranoia.)

This was some homemade tofu which was made extra yummy with prawns and shrimp bits.

Hainanese chicken chop – to be honest I was a bit disappointed with this dish – as a place famous for its hainanese food, I had thought this would be better. Still, the egg was nicely fried and the chicken was tender and tasty. It just wasn’t quite… 5-stars.

Fried pork slices in some sort of sour black sauce mix. This was also not very impressive – the pork was a bit chewy and it tasted… okay but nothing special.

Overall… I would say OM NOM NOM for food, OM NOM NOM nom for the entire experience.