Despite having a bad flu, I insisted on having teppanyaki at the food court at Nex, although Pugs’ original intention was for me to have some herbal soup thing. The smell from the teppanyaki station was just too attractive (and actually filtered through my extremely snotfilled nose) and Pugs gamely agreed. I believe this stall is also the one at the basement of Tampines Mall, which is always overflowing with people on weekends, and is famous for their “mystery sauce” that is piled on everything. This is not (and to be fair, is not meant to be) authentic teppanyaki but was generally flavourful and affordable enough to keep people coming back. We ordered a set for 2 persons, for S$33 nett, which includes everything below, soup, rice, and wintermelon tea.

starting with a pile of (rather salty) beansprouts which i polished off.

here’s the chef cooking the next dish.

the meats sizzling away.

from hereon, everything was okay, nothing special, and all drenched in the mystery sauce. it all started to taste quite the same after a while, but it is an easy place to have a tasty dinner, and to satisfy your teppanyaki craving cheaply.

squid and oysters. quite fresh actually.

then two prawns joined in the seafood party (one each for each of us).

and then in came a fish – this was to be shared between us too.

sirloin steak, supposedly.

and chicken.

we left feeling quite full and happy. so it was overall not too bad a meal. (after all, i didn’t have particularly high expectations either, of a kiosk in a food court heh.)

i would give this OM NOM NOM.