Over the weekend, there was the Big & Breezy Bazaar organised by Megafash and Lepark, and being (pretend) hipster me, I had to check it out. I have been meaning to check Lepark out, and since there was that Bazaar, I thought I would take the chance to check out the cafe too. Apparently, the place sells street tapas, craft beer, music and art at an alternative social space. and alternative it is, taking us through people’s park centre (a building i would classify as dingy…), up a flight of (dingy) stairs, to the cafe.

Outside the cafe is a big open rooftop area, (under maintained much, but i guess that’s part of the hipster charm), where I believe they organise movie screenings, yoga sessions etc on an adhoc basis.

The cafe itself is spacious with long benches for people to sit on. You order at the counter and wait for your number to be called.

While waiting for my food to be ready (the cashier said about 15 minutes), I ordered this mango and coconut icecream, served in a coconut husk with a cup of coconut water. It was quite nice. For $6, you also get three toppings and what you see is atapchee, aloe vera and cornflakes (yea, weird combi…). I singlehandedly polished this off before my food even arrived.

Poached Chicken Sushi

This was fairly interesting, poached chicken, on top of chicken rice, wrapped with seaweed and topped with some ginger and chilli sauce. It’s not quite sushi, but was interesting enough as a concept, and not too bad in terms of the combination of tastes.

Thai fried chicken wings

This was okay too, very typical chicken wings and you can’t go wrong with chicken wings really.

The photo is not very good but these were salted egg yolk soft shell crab sliders. I’m not sure what the round fried ball on the top was but its supposed to be some fried seafood ball (i think) that I didn’t particularly enjoy. The soft shell crab was quite small and insubstantial, but on the whole this was quite tasty and satisfying.

lobster pasta

The unidentified fried ball made its appearance again, and I left it alone this time. The lobster was alright, so was the pasta. It’s tom yam cream sauce and tasted slightly like pre-mix but I’m not very picky with my pasta and food so it was still quite alright.

Other than the pasta, everything else came in these paper boxes with wrapping featuring some doodles of cartoons and the name of the cafe and what not. Most of my complaints stemmed from the lack of proper cutlery. It is not possible to eat lobster and chicken wings and even the sliders with plastic forks and spoons. Maybe this is in line with the ‘street food’ concept, but really, the food is not cheap, and the least you can do is to provide proper plates and cutlery for ease of eating.

in conclusion… well, i probably really wouldn’t visit this place again, although it’s interesting enough to go once. uhm. OM NOM nom maybe.

oh and the bazaar was… well. fairly disappointing. The carpark was hot, there were not that many stalls and while the things sold was fairly interesting, the whole place just gave off a rather dreary sad feel. oh well.