Over one weekend, Pugs and I brought my parents to Spuds and Aprons on Mt Faber. The last time I was there, it was still Jewelbox and atas-fied. Spuds and Aprons is more family friendly, both in terms of cost, as well as just the entire environment – probably to make it more accessible to the general public. After trekking half the hill to the restaurant from where we parked the car, we finally reached the cafe/restaurant, which comprises both indoor and outdoor seating.

I had made a reservation for indoor seating because who knows what the haze will throw up that day… Fortunately for us, the skies were clear, but I was still happy sitting indoors with the full length windows and a nice view (and airconditioned comfort…)

soba and cod with mentaiko sauce

Pugs, a fan of mentaiko, had to have this. (as long as the dish has the word MENTAIKO in it, I think Pugs cannot resist.) Unfortunately, he says it was quite disappointing 😦

i had this prawn squid ink pasta thing. It was… alright i guess. although it wasn’t real squid ink pasta, and it was a bit strange in the tom yam sauce…

Thankfully, my parents had more sense (or luck) and ordered asian food, which turned out to be alot alot better than our western fusion nonsense.

The laksa, which was quite decent and flavourful, had a chock full of cockles, and taupok.

braised pig trotters which were also very good. the sauce was very well done, the meat was good, and it had a nice gingery sour taste that good pig trotters have. noms. it came with a plate of rice with one miserable stalk of chyesim, but this dish more than made up for most of the other things we had.

this was another dish that saved the day (together with the pig trotters). The chilli crab was nice and tasty, warm inside the potato skins which were also crispy and very appetising. I would go back for these (in fact, i wanted to get one more plate, but that seemed a bit too greedy…)

The service was honestly quite terrible, and the place was more like a canteen than a restaurant (although the outdoor seating did look a bit more… elegant and put together) but I guess I would go back for the asian food if i happened to be climbing up mt faber or sth… but would not make a trip there for no reason. Having said all that, the food was much more affordable than i imagined and actually quite value for money.


Website: https://www.faberpeaksingapore.com/eat-drink-shop/spuds-and-aprons