Over the weekend, I headed down to The Clueless Goat for coffee. It’s my second time to The Clueless Goat, the first being on one of my cafe hopping days with my mum where I tried their Ranchers’ Eggs which were honestly quite good (avocado, salsa, poached eggs and toast).

This time, I had waffles and an earl grey lavender cake, plus an iced coffee to cool off the hot day.

Iced White Coffee.

This was quite good really, smooth and refreshing, and not too acidic (though the acidic part is clearly just a personal preference).

The waffles were not bad too. It comes with a choice of chocolate or caramel sauce (we picked chocolate), as well as vanilla or toasted marshmallow icecream. Toasted marshmallow sounded more interesting than bland old vanilla, so toasted marshmallow you see above. It was okay, decent and fluffy enough, but not spectacular.

After polishing off the waffle, we sat around and felt a bit… like nibbling more, so we got this earl grey lavender cake, which was honestly, extremely disappointing. The cake was far too dense and didn’t feel very fresh, and the sugar bits came in clumps (so we would suddenly bite into a mouthful of sugar crystals randomly). oh well. We left half of this behind.

Generally, it was a pleasant place to meet up and chill out with friends – it’s not too crowded (although with the glut of tuition centres nearby, you do end up with a couple of tables of children around, fiddling with their assessment books and all), quite nicely decorated (with an interesting name to boot), and they have these really cool plates, none of two are the same.

I would probably give this OM NOM NOm. (not quite a full OM NOM NOM…)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecluelessgoat/

19 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre

This was quite good really