While walking around parkway parade in search of food, I asked Pugs if he wanted KennyRogers cos he likes the cornbread there. It turned out however, that KennyRogers had been replaced by ChickenUp. NOMS. Pugs and I had a particularly good experience one late night having chickenup at the tanjong pagar branch, and so we immediately decided to have this for dinner.

Boring us ordered again what we had last time, soy fried chicken wings and ginseng chicken soup.

Four fried garlic soy chicken wings for $12. NOMS. now this was finger licking good (not quite kfc a few doors down… but I suppose, a lot more expensive too.) I polished off the skin along with it too, though I usually peel off the skin of my fried chicken…

Ginseng Chicken Soup for $30 – the menu says its suitable for 2-3 pax but really, 2 pax is just right. We polished off every morsel of chicken and the pearly rice stuffed inside. The rice also helped to thicken and smoothen the broth, and we had nice warm bellies after that. The broth was flavourful but not overpowering and the chicken was nice and tender. noms.

Most satisfied.