In his attempt to domesticate me, Pugs offered to cook at my place one Saturday afternoon. I grudgingly agreed but it turned out to be a good thing and we ended up having a feast!

Things I learnt:

  1. How to cut peel and cut garlic
  2. How to fry garlic chips
  3. How to make sure salmon fillet has no scales and/or remnant bones and to wash the fish
  4. How to cook udon
  5. How to boil onsen eggs
  6. How to panfry salmon


So the process started off with us peeling, slicing and frying garlic for garlic chips.

frying in progress. Oil in pan, with garlic chips thrown in and fried around till golden brown.

The end result of garlic chip frying. It smelt SO GOOD.

after washing.

This was then placed in the pan with the oil and taste from frying the garlic chips so the salmon would retain its original taste (no marination or sauce) and just absorb the fragrance of the garlic.

the end result. It turned out very well and tasty despite having no seasoning or sauce or marination. A point to note though, was that we should have sliced up the bigger portion of salmon into smaller ones because it was very difficult to handle and cook evenly in the pan. This smaller size was much more ideal.

Then we boiled water in a flask, and after the water had boiled, left the eggs in there for 16.5 minutes before fishing them out and cracking them. While we were waiting for the eggs to cook, we boiled water in a pot and dumped the udon in. Once the udon is cooked, strain it out into a bowl, let cool, crack the egg, and sprinkle some seaweed and spring onions and sesame seeds.

the end result.

We originally wanted to make mentaiko udon, but we couldn’t find pre-made mentaiko and didn’t really know how to deal with raw mentaiko, so we went with sesame dressing instead. It was good too.

After adding the dressing, to make our meal more exciting, we piled on bonito flakes, roe, and my favourite garlic chips that I will happily chomp on as a snack on its own.

And to top off the meal, we had salmon sashimi.

Rubs Tums.

I consider my first attempt (with much help) a success. YAY.