After dinner one evening, Pugs and I headed down to Food Republic at Parkway Parade for tutukueh. I’m a big fan of tutu kueh, so even though we had just stuffed ourselves at dinner, I insisted on having my post-dinner snack.

[Pugs commented last week that he must never underestimate how much I can eat when I want to eat, and even after I eat, I can still eat. – not quite sure what that means… ohwell.]

I didn’t know, prior to writing this review, that the seemingly random tutu kueh stall at Food Republic was actually a ‘branch’ of Tan’s Tutu Kueh from Chinatown. It was yums much, together with the coffee and tea. So Pugs originally said he didn’t want any, and will watch me eat. But it was cheaper to buy 5 kuehs than 4, so I bought 5. Pugs ate 2 and I ate 2. shortly after, i ate the last one without him realising and while looking at his phone, he said, ‘oh you can finish the last one, I’m very full already’, but lo and behold when he glanced away frm his phone, he realised that that ‘last one’ was long ago in my belly. hehe.

the kueh was not too dry, and the way i like it, the filling was not overpoweringly sweet or heavy either. They also fold their leaves in a rather ingenious way so that less of the kueh sticks. I was most pleased with this post-dinner snack. yum.