Over the weekend, we headed down on a trip to Bao Makers, the cafe that took over Windowsill pies opposite Jalan Besar Stadium.

They retained the window of windowsills, the entrance and door, the counter area etc but the interior is emptied out with new furniture (and no more large bear centrepiece…)

So Bao Makers sell ‘bao’ in the kungbak pao sense, as well as coffee and cakes.

We didn’t order their cakes, so here’s a photo of the cake counter that looked quite enticing.

We each had a flat white, so here’s a photo of one cup. The coffee was not bad. It wasn’t strong, but pleasant enough for me.

I read some reviews online that their kongbak pao is not particularly fantastic, so since they had other less common options, we decided to try those instead.

All the baos are served in twos (although there is an option to have a platter of 4 different baos). Featured above is pork bulgogi. The tender and well marinated pork was wrapped inside a fried mantou (ok lah, its actually mantous, not baos…) and it was really not bad.

Being crab fans, we had to have the chilli crab bao. It comes with some extra sauce on the side, but i thought whatever was inside the bao was good enough. There was a very generous serving of crab (flakes/pieces) and the chilli although a bit ‘watery’ and diluted, was quite tasty and yums too.

Pugs is a salted egg yolk fan. Salted egg yolk prawns were good too – this was the only dish we ordered that was served in steamed mantous, and that was probably a good choice. It balanced out the salted egg yolk taste that covered the nice juicy prawns. There were three prawns in each mantou, which to me was just right in the bao to filling ratio hehe.

In addition to the above, we also had truffle fries, which was well… very normal. It was a tad too oily and not truffly enough.. but well i guess the place is called Bao Makers not Fries Makers…

These bao places are really gaining popularity, perhaps riding on the success of momofuku or whatever. I was in HK earlier this year and there was this bao place at wanchai with an incredibly long queue as well that I didn’t manage to try. This place is decent – the cafe is large and surprisingly quiet – most of the seating is long communal tables but there is still a good amount of privacy, and i would probably go back again. The food is affordable and not quite the usual cafe fare, and the coffee is of rather decent quality as well.

Maybe next time we will try the han bao bao hehe.

so in conclusion… maybe OM NOM NOM.