confusing much.

one morning, I decided to have breakfast with Pugs instead of my usual boring trek to work – because it was a weekday, we finally managed to get parking and try out Beach Road Prawn Noodles, along East Coast Road.

We each had a bowl of piping hot prawn noodles for $5.50 each (the small portion – it’s just right for brekkie) and shared ngohhiang.


the prawn noodles was nice and flavourful. Pugs had the pure prawns version and i had the one with pork ribs. the prawns came out of their shell nicely too which was convenient heh. No complaints, except that I found the soup a bit too… salty although Pugs drank every bit of it so i guess… personal preference.


I like the ngohiang stall quite a bit – and it’s usually better in the morning when the food is not as … oily and fried. The ingredients are quite fresh and it doesn’t give you the sort of nauseating feeling even after eating quite a substantial amount. between the two of us, we finished off the entire plate.


As a side note, unlike Chin Mee Chin that we went to not long ago (for which a review will come shortly), this place was efficiency max. You place your order at the cashier, tell them your table number, and the food gets served to you fairly quickly. The ngohiang is a separate stall and queue though, so it’d be best for two people to each queue at one counter. On weekends, it does get rather crowded, and i’ve had to wait around for tables before (personally, i don’t like waiting around for tables – it gives people pressure and i find it incredibly awkward to hang too close and then when i don’t hang too close, some auntie will swoop in…)

i would say, OM NOM NOM, also cos it does get hot and humid as well. but we went on a gloomy day so it was a most pleasant breakfast.