I have walked past the Monster Curry at Vivo and ION a couple of times, but never got around trying it. Some time last week, as Pugs and I were scouring for dinner before settling down at Starbucks to get some work done, Pugs said that one day when we feel extra healthy, we can try Monster Curry as a sinful treat. I gave him a beseeching look and asked him why we couldn’t try it that day. As things turned out, Pugs had exercised in the morning. I hadn’t exercised in a week. Brilliant greedy fat me.

We headed to Monster Curry anyway and ordered the Combo Curry to share for S$25 – it comes with pork shabu, pork katsu, prawn tempura, fried fish and cheese. i don’t really like cheese, so we told them to leave out the cheese.

with my hand, for size comparison.

I loved the rice – i could have eaten all the rice with nothing else. It was the right texture and taste (sometimes i think i would survive quite well in times of war where people only get to eat rice with soya sauce or something. i wouldn’t even need the soya sauce).

Because we are unadventurous, we ordered the normal spicy version of the curry, and Pugs was very impressed by the minced meat in the curry – i.e. that it didn’t come from some instant packet of some sort.

I felt the pork katsu and shabu were good, but the fried fish and tempura were a bit meh. I think the next time i go, i will skip the seafood and stick with the meat. Having said that, even the fish and tempura was substantively fish and prawn respectively (as opposed to a disproportionate amount of flour) and it was not bad too, to be fair. The portion was just right for two people, and I fulfilled my need for variety in a meal.

OM NOM NOM Nom. Would go back again for a convenient (fuss free) + quick and good jap curry fix.

Pugs ended his meal with, ‘I am most pleased’. heh.