While googling for the actual name of this restaurant, I learnt that Kallang Leisure Park has undergone a ‘facelift’ (although i really didn’t notice any difference…) and is now known as Leisure Park Kallang! Hooray! (sarcasm check.)

Anyway, Pugs and I went to Mothercare to look for some stuff a couple of weeks ago (no, not preggers), and we ended up having dinner at Teck Kee. I originally wanted to go to Akashabu (or something) for shabushabu , but at the last minute we decided to stick with our ‘austerity’ drive. Our dinner wasn’t cheap, but that was really because we ended up ordering ALOT of food. I think the uncle taking our order was a bit stunned. and we finished all the food.

As it is a chicken rice place, naturally we had to order the chicken – this was a quarter roast chicken, that i really enjoyed quite alot. It was tasty and tender and not too drenched in sauce, and neither was it too oily.

fried tofu, which was not bad too (although it was a bit… stale.) we finished all of it though.

shrimp omelette. There were many shrimps and although the egg was a bit oily, i guess it’s normal for such places. I had a chunk of prawn in every portion of egg i took.

Pugs insisted on ordering this for his vegetable intake. It was normal, the beansprouts were quite crunchy although I found this much too oily.

Silverfish fried rice. This was quite noms, although im not a particularly big fan of silver fish so i picked out a few (cos there really was quite alot), to Pugs’ horror. He licked them off my plate, the pieces that I picked out. This was decent too.

In summary, a convenient, decent meal – the place was quite crowded cos there was a soccer match going on that day, but the service (although a bit shaky when we entered and they were trying to sort out seating and clear the tables and stuff) was quick and efficient (in terms of the order taking and food serving). Payment is at the cashier so that was quick too.