After bookmarking this place to check out for the longest time (reputed for having affordably priced not bad steaks), it turned out that Pugs frequents it with his dad (bah Pugs.) One evening after (kind of) swimming, he suggested we go to myVillage at Serangoon Gardens so that I could check it out. (the alternative was chompchomp, and when i heard serangoon gardens, my response was. ok! i want steak. and hokkien mee. and chicken wings. and satay. and chyetaukuey. and. and. and. sugarcane. and tauhuay… and Pugs gave me a withering look. sigh.)

So iSteaks turned out to be a place that reminded me of the Aston’s concept – no frills western food, but I think it is much better than Astons (at a slightly slightly higher price, but insignificant compared to the quality i think).

Thank goodness we got there slightly before 730ish because the crown poured in and it’s free seating, and we all know how i feel about free seating. hurhur.

this was clearly Pugs’ steak, with the broccoli and potatos… his insistence on vege intake. hur. We both ordered the ribeye, medium well. It’s really not bad.

And this was mine, with corn and onion rings. the corn was very yums and buttery.

OM NOM NOM Nom for quick and cheap fix of steak.
gets crowded even on a weekday night though…
but i would certainly go back.