Immediately after iSteaks, we went two doors down to Little Wimbly Lu. My original intention was to go to Udders, but we walked past Little Wimbly Lu first (clearly, better location for a cafe) and I had tried Udders many many times before.

Because we had just stuffed our faces with steak, we shared an iced earl grey milk tea and a crepe with hazelnut chocolate icecream. They were all good and not ridiculously priced – $10 in total for both items.


The place is quite nice and quiet, with some high tables in the middle.

My only gripe was that they charged us $0.50 for each cup of iced water. I didn’t know cafes actually still do such things, and besides, it was not as if we sat there and didn’t order any drinks – i totally understand if you charge me for water if I didn’t order any drinks, but why would you charge me if I did. I would even be okay if you charged me for ONE cup of water and one iced tea, but seriously.

OM NOM NOm for normal cafe and not too bad crepe and icecream.