Ten-Ichi Udon is one of my favourite places to grab dinner because udon is one of my favourite kind of food, and is a great source of comfort food as well.

On this particular evening (which unfortunately was the meal we decided to review), I decided to be adventurous and ordered the asari udon (clams). It turned out to be… a most wrong decision and I was left sadded much after my meal šŸ˜¦

this was the asari clam udon, which looks fairly innocuous but the clams left a metallic taste, and the soup was INCREDIBLY OILY.

So i painstakingly scooped some of the oil out just so that the bowl of udon would be somewhat edible, and this was the result. LOOK AT THE OIL. As Pugs said, I don’t even understand where the oil comes from because it’s not even like the fats from the meat became oil or something. sigh.
i actually physically felt ill after eating that.

thankfully, Pugs was less adventurous and ordered what we have normally.

Beef udon. lucky for him, this was as good as it always is. Pugs never used to eat udon until I brought him here and introduced him to this beef udon. NOMS. (i would also like to think that he would have swapped his food with mine if i had asked, but i didn’t ask heh.)

and as usual, we had our egg each, and the various tempura sides – squid, crab stick, croquette and tempura. These were okay too, but I must say the tempura can be quite hit and miss. One late afternoon when we went at 5plus (probably cos it was post lunch and pre dinner, the tempura was just… stale.) This time it was around dinner time and there was a fresh supply.

I would say NOM NOM NOM because their beef and pork udon is really quite consistently good. I will never order their strange new offerings any more though.

(lucky for them, we go there quite often, otherwise this would have been a most scathing review).