A couple of weekends ago, Pugs and I went to a friend’s house for dinner. There were 8 of us, and the host very graciously supplied all the food for dinner.

Once we got there, a pot of stew greeted us. This was easy, no fuss, and most hearty. We also each had a pack of instant ramen and an egg to cook for ourselves. NOMS.

In addition to the stew which was the main course, she had also taken time in the day to prepare this caramelised roast pork – the skin was most deliciously caramelised, the pork was tender and oven roasted.

After the skin had been taken off to reveal the meat.

and this is how it was supposed to be eaten – on a bed of lettuce, with some ginger sauce, a fresh oyster and some kimchi. This was really very very good.

It was a most pleasant dinner, eating at home and catching up with friends. I never knew my friend had become so domesticated after getting married šŸ™‚