One random afternoon, I texted Pugs in the middle of the day to ask if he wanted lunch – he happened to be at Novena and so I suggested going to La Ristrettos, tucked in a corner on the 8th floor of Novena Medical Centre. It’s one of my favourite cafes, quiet, good coffee and decent food, but I don’t really get to go there enough cos it’s not open on weekends (largely servicing the people at the medical centre i guess.)

The cafe, despite being nondescript from the outside and having no adverts of any sort at the lobby hinting at its existence on the 8th floor, is generally quite crowded. I suppose that’s testament to it’s charm 🙂

the counter where you order, and which lists their food for the day.

a closer view of the coffee roasting barrel. so cool.

Pugs had green tea.

and this is my iced mocha – we sat at the counter seats by the window, and on a nice sunny day, it looks out to a most pleasant sight of green plants and a garden area. It was rainy and gloomy that day, but looking at the raindrops through the glass was fairly therapeutic too.

I had the ribeye pasta – this was decent enough but nothing to shout about. Because I had gotten there first and Pugs said he had to eat with his dad after, I didn’t order anything for him, but after he surveyed the menu, he couldn’t help himself and had to order food too. Despite me reminding him a million times that i had ordered the ribeye pasta and he should order sth different so we could try different things, he ended up ordering the ribeye taco…

The ribeye taco. While i was quite speechless at why you would order two ribeye things… it turned out to be a good decision because according to Pugs, while my pasta was okay only, the taco was really quite good, with the mix of avocado, salsa and I don’t know what else. He was pleased with his lunch and finished all of it (after having had starbucks and wrap in the morning for breakfast, and meeting his dad immediately after for lunch…) it was a wrappy day for him heh.

So in conclusion, i really like this place very much. it’s the right mix of quiet time, plus not bad food and good coffee, and it’s not hipster for the sake of being hipster but just a proper down to earth cafe with nice decoration and view to boot.

OM NOM NOM NOM, where cafes go.