Pugs and I were in search of a quick dinner around chijmes, and because my Entertainer app had 1for1 at 1933 at the (fairly) newly opened Capitol Piazza, we decided to check it out. I did warn him , however, that as far as i was aware, 1933 is just an atas-fied toastbox.

We got to 1933 and were fairly impressed by their decor etcetc, but because we were running a bit late, we settled down and made our orders hurriedly.

We started off with what was called Japanese Seafood Rolls, but in reality were just fried fishballs (or cuttlefish balls or whatever) with some water chestnuts for extra crunch. This was… well. okay i guess.

I had chicken rice, which I thought was, well, not bad really. But for $16.90, I wouldn’t have it again. The chicken was tender and good, the rice tasty, and the soup okay as well, but you know, tiantian chickenrice not too far from my office is a third of the price…

a close up view of the chicken. Ok, to be fair, i had no complaints about the chicken, save that paying $16.90 for chicken rice (if not for the entertainer app.. is grossly overpriced imho).

Pugs had the fish and chips for $24.60. In his words, it was ‘very sucky’. Well, that teaches you to order western food in an asian place right. I already told him it was atas toastbox. It was alot of batter, apparently, and not good. He did quite like the side potatoes though. And again, I have to say, grossly overpriced.

And so in conclusion, I wouldn’t go back. Even with the 1for1, I still felt like I overpaid for dinner… yes the restaurant/cafe had a nice setting and it was fairly good service and all, but really. Next time i will just go to toastbox at chijmes. The same people are earning my money anyway (all you shareholders of Breadtalk).