After picking a very very grumps and hungry me up from work, Pugs racked his brains for a place to cheer me up, and we eventually ended up at this place along Joo Chiat Road.

Pugs did the ordering and we had tofu (for me), quail eggs (also for me), meat balls, tang-o and half a fish.

Here, in full view. After all this food was placed on the table, I glared at Pugs and asked if he was trying to starve me. did he not understand that i was STARVING. how is this enough for dinner.

so i stomped off and added on taupok and cuttlefish paste ball thingies. In addition to all of that, we also had spinach tofu.

Unfortunately, because Pugs didn’t want to incur my wrath by sticking his camera in the way of me and food, we didn’t take many photos of this meal and so we don’t have photos of everything.

The signature meatballs. These were quite good. they were nice and crunchy and not too meat tasting. There’s some sauce inside the balls too, which made it marinated just right when you bit into it.

The very fresh fish. It was really quite good. and fresh. (although i almost swallowed a couple of bones in my haste to stuff my face).

and a picture of the food stock, with the food floating around inside. The taupok and tang-o were good too. Quail’s eggs were okay (how different can these taste, right) and the cuttlefish paste was good. It wasn’t chewy and fake tasting.

After stuffing my face some, i was happy enough to let him take the photo of the soup hurhur. The soup is some sort of shark’s bone soup, which Pugs claimed is freshly boiled or whatever, but I’m almost absolutely certain that there’s also use of a copious amount of msg and those soup essence things. We were most thirsty when we got back home. HA.

It was also an incredibly expensive meal. Pugs says his family goes back quite often, but honestly I wouldn’t voluntarily go back here for dinner. It cost us more than $50 per pax for dinner, which honestly, is quite nonsense for steamboat at a not very atas place with not very good service and a leaking aircon.