After the Santa Run For Wishes (which came with free entry to USS and no queue for rides! and of course, contributing to a good cause), Pugs and I wanted supper and so, by some stroke of luck, ended up at Chilis (ok, it wasn’t quite a stroke of luck given that Chilis is right outside USS, but it was lucky in that we had never tried Chilis before, and it turned out to be a good choice!)

Having already had dinner at the Malaysian food street place, we decided to share a fajita. The fajita comes with a choice of two proteins – we had grilled steak and prawns (topping up slightly to swap out a chicken/pork option).

Tortilla, a sizzling pan of onions, capsicum, steak and prawns, and the side dressings. NOMS.

and here’s an alternate view of the main dish.

It was very yummy. very. the meats were seasoned just right, the onions were nice and crunchy and the sauces all went deliciously well with the food. (note that i left out the peppers cos i don’t eat them, but Pugs finished them all up happily).

After the meal, Pugs proclaimed that Mexican food has now become one of his favourite cuisines, aside Japfood.