After going for a birthday party in the East, Pugs and I headed to Siglap V for well, a snack, of sorts.

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee is one of my favourite places in Siglap – it’s cheery, bright, has good coffee, decent food, and there’s usually parking available.

The ordering counter

and the cafe interior. It’s not overly hipster or weird or minimal, but very pleasant and happifying.

I had a flat white (left) and Pugs and a chai latte (right). The coffee is consistently good and I was not disappointed. It was Pugs’ first time there, and he was very impressed by the chai latte. very very impressed.

so impressed that he had to take an instagram worthy shot.

We also had a breakfast waffle to share – scrambled eggs, chipotle (i think), salsa and bacon, on top a nice fluffy waffle. This was most pleasing and tummy filling. I’ve decided that despite not eating tomatoes generally, I would eat the salsa here heh.

So, OM NOM NOM NOm as far as cafes go for me!