Over the weekend, Pugs and I found ourselves in Simei, wanting to check out Grasso cafe but only to find out that it had permanently closed. Oh well.

We ended up at Eastpoint Mall, and decided to try Penang Street. I’ve tried Penang Street once at Funan and wasn’t particularly impressed plus found it incredibly overpriced, but well, open mind is what they say.

The interior – i particularly like the bright peranakan decor. very cheery.

A clean and neat behind the counter drink-making area.

Because it was a weird time in the afternoon (4ish), between the four of us, we ordered some stuff to share.

starting off with kueh pie tee. The crust was a bit too fried but at least it didn’t taste like it came from those pre-made packets, so this was decent.

Penang char kway teow. Nowhere as good as the food we had in Penang, but it was decent too. Biggest complaint was the small portion it came in…

Nasi Lemak. This was okay too… nothing to shout about.

kuehs. These were TINY. and not good 😦 it wasn’t quite BAD, but it just wasn’t any good.

And so in conclusion, I still think it’s overpriced, the portions were all small, the food is acceptable but nothing I would go back for and well… it was just a very meh meal.