Making use of the Entertainer app, Pugs and I went to East8 for dinner. East8 is supposedly a newyork fusion tapas bar, that offers tapas with an asian twist (blahdeblah).

East8 is tucked in a corner of Grand Park City Hall, outside the hotel lobby area. I had quite high hopes when I saw the entrance and decor. whee.


for east8 i guess :p

more true to theme decor..

and a sample table.

on each table, there was this small jar highlighting a happyhour promotion, but because we were using the entertainer 1for1 promotion, we were not eligible to enjoy the happyhour promotion – it suited us just as well as we were not particularly interested in drinking that evening. Pugs was most fascinated by this jar – the switch on the top turned a bulb inside the jar on and off. We spent a good 2 minutes flicking it back and forth hurhur.

Because it was 1for1, we ordered 4 tapas to share.

wings – these were quite good, but salted a bit too much. It wasn’t processed salt though, just too many salt and pepper grains. But it may just be a matter of personal preference as well.

scallop pasta with egg and ebiko. This was slightly spicy and quite good. yums.

ribs. These were… at best normal. The marination was okay, but the ribs were really quite tough and the whole dish just wasn’t very impressive. I had one rib and forced Pugs to eat the remaining three.

beef. This was by far the highlight of the meal. The beef was.. almost melt in your mouth and the taste was just right. If I had known better, I would have ordered the pasta, and 3 plates of this beef. MUST TRY.

OM NOM NOM Nom. It would have cost us more than $100 for these 4 plates of tapas if not for the entertainerapp, and so while it was quite worth it for us, I’ve never quite seen the lure in tapas (read: small , expensive , pretentious plates of food)… Still, I had a pleasant evening, the food was decent (i still can’t forget about the beef) and if they are still part of the entertainer app next year, i would probably go back, but not otherwise.