Wimbly Lu has a special place in my heart because it was the place we had our first proper ‘date’. It was a brunch after I did some volunteer talk early in the morning, about two weeks after we started dating officially. Don’t ask me why our first proper date was 2 weeks after, life just got in the way :p We went back today before I headed off for a wedding reception in the evening.

By the time I got there, Pugs already had his cup of orange juice.

and soon after, the iced mocha that i had instructed him to order arrived as well. Noms. I like the iced mocha here – the chocolate and coffee mix is just right.

Bread – i think this comes with Pugs’ breakfast set, but i can’t be sure. I always eat the crust off this bread and leave the middle for Pugs hehe.

Chicken nuggets that I added on as a side. I usually have truffle fries but then I thought I would try some different today. This was not bad. It wasn’t too oily or salty and the skin is not too thick or floury.

bacon and egg crepe. I liked this alot, crepe wrapping scrambled eggs and bacon bits. The combination of the saltiness from the bacon and plain scrambled eggs and the crepe was just right. I glared at Pugs fiercely when he tentatively tried to take a bit of it.

Full breakfast (or whatever it’s called). As usual, Pugs was generous and gave me his hash brown. It was so good that I ordered an extra side of it after that (3 pieces) so we each had 2 hash browns. I’m not sure what he thought of his brekkie, but he finished it all too.

Due to some miscommunication with the service staff, this nutella cake came before the main breakfast meals, but no matter. We finished it all up happily. (Although I did give the waitress a weird look when she asked at the end of our meal whether we wanted dessert… uhm, thanks to you, we had our dessert first?)

I really like Wimbly Lu, especially the bright area at the back. However, I noticed today that the place is very echo-y when crowded (maybe it was still early the last time we went, this time was closer to just past lunch time) and the noise from the chatter was getting to me a little. You had to raise your voice a bit to be heard and it kinda became a vicious cycle. Still, the food is good and it’s a nice place to chill out at Jalan Riang. It’s quite affordably priced too, where cafes go.


(as a side note, Wimbly Lu opened a sister cafe, Little Wimbly Lu not too far away at myVillage (Serangoon Gardens) and we have a review of that place too!)