Along Telok Ayer Street, it’s one of the cafes that (a) doesn’t turn into a bar at night) and (b) doesn’t close at some nonsense hour of 5pm as most cafes in Raffles Place/Tanjong Pagar do.

One night after two particularly long days at work, Pugs and I had dinner and I felt like stuffing my face with sugar. We ended up at Muffinry – i really like the muffins at muffinry, especially when they are freshly baked in the day, so I figured that even if there were no more muffins left, I could still grab a nice iced chocolate or something.

Muffinry occupies two levels (or maybe three…) and I particularly enjoy sitting upstairs (though that also means we had to hold two plates and our barang and navigate some steep stairs…)

downstairs. the muffin shelf is on the left, you help yourself and then bring it to the counter for payment. they also have salads and drinks and other sort of bakes. on the right is some cute decor, plus notes left by customers. it’s a very happy place, that gives a bit of a whimsical feel.

the upstairs.

We were in luck – even though it was almost 9pm, there were still my favourite banana chocolate chip muffin, and Pugs managed to grab a brownie (or a chocolate fudge cake of some sort…)

Because we just had an iced coffee each over dinner (post to come later…), we decided to lay off the drinks and just have plain old iced water.

this is my first choice for muffins here. it’s nicer when it’s freshly baked and hot, but they warmed this up for me so even though it was already late at night, it was still quite yummy. The muffins here have a very nice texture and fragrance, is one of my favourites. and i much prefer muffins to cupcakes so yup.

Pugs’ chocolate thingy. Aside from muffins, Muffinry also bakes other things on an adhoc basis so you get different items everyday. This was good too, extremely decadent, but good. He finished it all too, so much for diet hur.

OM NOM NOM Nom, especially when it’s quiet and empty in the evenings 🙂