Pugs had a gathering with some friends at Concorde Hotel to play some Escape game thingy. I met him at Concorde Hotel that evening for a quick dinner, and did a bit of googling before that to see where we could have dinner. I found this bbq place that looked quite well recommended and so I hopped over slightly earlier to make a reservation for both of us (apparently, it is always good to reserve here…) I got there at about 6 and told them to hold a table for me till 630 – the service staff asked me about 8 times whether i could leave by 8, to which i responded in the affirmative. I had to leave by 8 for another commitment in any case.

Pugs ended a bit late and i was a bit worried that they would give away our table, but they didn’t. phew.

it was most pleasant (the food, not the service)…

the entrance to the restaurant.

now if you know concorde hotel, it is slightly… seedy. and the japanese people who patronised this restaurant all looked a bit… dodge too (the table next to us was an OLD japanese guy with 3 very young pretty foreign girls…)

i digressed.

we sat down and asked the waitress for recommendations, to which she recommended the benkei yaki… and stopped there.
so i stared at her and asked if there was anything else she wanted to recommend?
and when she hemmed and hawed, i added on a rose prime randomly.
then she asked if that was all, and i asked if that was enough, and she gave a non-answer. to be on the conservative side, we decided to go with these two portions first and see how it goes. (the way she responded really gave us the impression that ONE portion was enough and two might be too much…)

It turned out that there were about 6 slices of meat each. Granted, it was 12 very very good and tender and tasty slices of beef. but still.

so i added on another beef combination plate, and a pork fillet, a fried garlic and corn.

here’s our beef cooking…

Pugs wanted to show the difference in marbling…

the beef combination plate

pork fillet

the pork cooking.

It was a bit pricey… close to $130 for two of us, and i half-joked with Pugs that we probably looked like we couldn’t afford more than 2 plates of meat. oh well. but the meats were all very very good. even the ‘normal’ pork fillet was good.

OM NOM NOM NOM… but i’m not sure if i would trudge back there and brave the location and crowd for this again… it was good, but really a bit expensive and not the sort of service (or environment) you would expect to spend this sort of money at. still, it was a most happifying meal. noms.