After hopping around Holland Village area, Pugs and I went to Star Vista to check out the Owl Cafe, which to our dismay, had closed down 😦 OH WELL. i guess we’ll try the one at Bedok Point or SUTD soon enough.

After having a cupcake each at TwelveCupcakes, we eventually ended up at Central, a HK char chan teng.

they even decorated a pillar to look like the mtr station hur.

coffee and tea. Pugs was most impressed by their cups and kept mooing at me…

chicken cutlet with fried rice – this was at best… normal.

seafood noodle soup. This was okay, the soup was quite average, but there was a respectable amount of seafood (although i’m sure it’s frozen and not fresh seafood…).

HK style fried rice rolls – this was my favourite dish. The rice rolls were fried such that the top layer was slightly crispy and it was drenched in peanut and sweet sauce the way i like it hehe.

french toast – this was okay too. there was peanut butter filling inside and drizzled with honey.

In conclusion… i guess i would give this OM NOM NOM – the food is okaaaayy… but nothing to shout about… but with so many other food choices at starvista… i’m not sure how long this place can survive with its average food and service.