One evening after work, I met two friends for dinner and the three of us originally wanted to head to the Seafood Paradise at the Singapore Flyer, before realising that it had closed. Because we had our minds set on crabs that evening, we headed on towards Changi Airport to the Seafood Paradise there instead. It was completely worth the trip.

We started off with this bowl of fish maw soup each – my tums felt warm and happy after this bowl of very satisfying soup, and every mouthful was filled with fish maw/crab meat/whatever else that was inside. rubs tums.

stir fried kailan. which was good too! but sadly for the kailan, was overshadowed by the sweet and sour pork that followed.

i don’t know if i was just very hungry, or if this was really one of the best sweet and sour porks i’ve had. it was really very good, so good that we decided to order one more plate of it (even though we had THREE crabs coming up to share between the three of us…). it didn’t taste flour-y and was nice and tasty. yums.

stir-fried crab beehoon. It may look normal from this angle.. but wait till you see the roe inside.

JUST LOOK AT THIS. im salivating just looking at this picture. (i also feel my cholesterol level shooting up… but no matter… we live to eat right…)

an overexposed photo of the two black pepper crabs. this was v v v good too. it wasn’t too spicy (just the way i like it), the pepper taste didn’t overpower the crab (which is common for black pepper crabs…) and it was really finger licking good.

I was quite surprised because i didn’t have a very good impression of Seafood Paradise and didn’t quite understand why my boss kept going there, but now I see.

Im definitely dragging Pugs back here with me, so there may well be another entry on this. OM NOM NOM NOM.