The very very first time Pugs and I met (which was sort of a blind date kinda…), we had arranged to watch a (very very strange) movie, and have a quick casual dinner after that.

It turned out to be quite a weird evening – Pugs dragged me to Millennia Walk where it turned out that most of the food places were closed, we trekked back to Suntec where we eventually settled on Aston’s (seriously – how is that a place to impress a girl tsk.) and then ended up at Jamaica Blue for coffee (and a very awkward conversation) before we headed up for our movie.

This time, we were at Suntec for dinner, before I had to hop off on the Circle Line to head for another appointment. Since we finished dinner efficiently, we ended up at Jamaica Blue again.

I’ve always like the coffee at Jamaica Blue – it’s strong enough, the place is quiet and I can hang out there if I’m a bit too early for morning meetings at Suntec, and it’s just a nice pleasant place to sit around and get some work/readings done.

decked out in christmas decorations this time of the year.

I had my iced mocha and he had his flat white – im not sure why it was so WHITE – but i’ve had the flat white before and it’s really not too milky. The iced mocha is also good – not too sweet, but enough chocolate and coffee. It was good enough to satisfy my sweet tooth without having another pastry/cake thing to go with it.