Dinner before Jamaica Blue was at Kay Lee Roast Meat – we were wandering around Suntec in search of food when I realised that it was early enough to check out Kay Lee before the peak hour crowd came – so we trekked through Suntec in search of Kay Lee, and finally found it (kinda near DBS-ish).

We were not very hungry so we ordered a one person set with roast meat, and added on a small portion of charsiew.

the one person portion of roast meat that came with the set. The set is really quite worthwhile – it comes with rice, one person portion of your choice of meat, vegetables and wanton soup (photos to follow).

the vege – there’s no choice for the type of vegetables, and this was okay i suppose. Hardly your daily intake of greens, but it will do.

the wanton soup – there were three wantons inside that were quite good. Pugs happily proclaimed that it was not CPwanton. heh (he is easily impressed).

but the highlight of the meal was really this charsiew. NOM. It was tasty, a nice balance with the sweetness of the charsiew and almost melt in your mouth (almost as good as the ones we had in Penang!). The only complaint we had was that the last few pieces were just… pure fats. oh well. but i would go back for this i think, if i was at suntec and there was no queue. hee.