Having recently checked out Wild Rocket (a review to follow), I was reminded of the existence of Relish (both branches [Cluny Court, being the other] of which I have visited previously but some time ago).

We headed there for a nice lazy lunch on a day I took half day leave, debating about whether I wanted to do my nails or brows after eating hur.

Pugs had a beef burger with an additional egg.

I had the bacon and cheese burger, also with an extra egg.

The burgers were good – Relish is famous for their burgers after all. The bacon wasn’t fantastic for mine, but the beef patty made up for it. There’s even a choice of how well we wanted the patty to be done – this is quite rare for burger places and was quite a pleasant touch.

In addition to our burgers we had a side of onion rings – these were a bit too oily for me 😦 but they were ‘real’ onion rings, less batter, less flour and more.. natural.

It’s a nice quiet place to have lunch/dinner. not cheap really, for burgers, but it’s good burgers and I would pay that premium. I like both their outlets very much – somewhat out of the way but ok if we drove, quiet and nice.