I’d heard much about Candlenut, and had wanted to take Wolls there for awhile. So, fresh from coming back from Penang, we went there for a nice dinner of more Peranakan food =).

Grilled spice-marinated chicken satay
Warm relish of minced pork, banana chilli, dried shrimp

This dish was ok, minced pork, chilli, dried shrimp… hard to go wrong I guess!

Rawon beef soup

The rawon beef soup was thick, giving much umami-earthy-beef flavour with each slurp. I liked it very much though Wolls didn’t fancy it as much.

Chap chye

The chap chye was done in a somewhat different way, though I’m not sure I can describe it. It was good, but not quite as good as the chap chye from Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant in Joo Chiat, which had super chap chye. It didn’t quite have the umami impact from dried shrimp, and was a tad sweet.

Coconut curry prawn

This was probably the best dish that night. The smooth coconut curry went very well with the fresh prawns. The prawn was nicely grilled, and was still tender and not tough (as is often the case when grilling prawns).

Pork belly
Sambal squid

I like sambal squid, so this was right up my alley. It was super spicy though, and even with my good tolerance for spiciness left my mouth most blazing. Which I guess is ok since the next item was a nice cooling lime jelly :).

Green apple lime jelly
Buah kelauk ice cream

This to me was the highlight for the night (well.. desserts are a separate category hehe…). I had heard much about it, and it really was interesting. It didn’t melt easily because of the high buah kelauk content, and had pop rocks (the large grained things in the picture)! Eating each ingredient alone was strange, but mixing it together gave it a nice bite (and pop) and a good mix of both sweet and bitter flavours.

Candlenut signature chendol cream

Overall, the food at Candlenut was quite good, but does not rank as well as Kebaya in Penang (and its pricier too!). Still I would recommend this place for a nice dinner out.