Very very good food. That sums up Kebaya! Wolls and I chose this to be our one meal that we could spend more on, and what a good choice it was! The experience was only marred slightly (only because we’re more food people than service people) by the extremely frosty hostess dressed in a kebaya, who then proceeded to avoid rendering any service to us throughout the whole dinner.

Very pretty plates
Mantou with stewed pork

Wolls and I are fans of stewed pork, and one bite of this, convinced us that it was going to be a good night. The pork was most tender and flavourful!

Mien Kham with Salmon Roe

As I took a bite of this, I was most intrigued by the flavour. The mix of bitters from the greens, earthy flavours from the nuts and ginger melded very well. With each chew, the fresh brininess of the salmon roe merged with the other ingredients leaving a most fresh and savoury experience!

Tamarind gula melaka sous vide beef

When this came out, we were just bowled over. The beef was so tender and well accentuated by the traditional Peranakan flavours of tamarind for sourness, and gula melaka for its fragrance and sweetnes to balance this sourness. It was the dish of the night. I highly recommend diners to order this!

Ayam Capitan

The ayam capitan was good as well, though one can say it’s hard to go wrong with such a mix of sauces. Still, it’s worth ordering!

Sambal Goreng

Even the vegetables were good. I just love corn.

Gula Melaka Mousse

For desserts, we ordered the gula melaka mousse (yes… so many dishes had gula melaka haha) and tang yuan, which was very well made. It was light, and allowed the gula melaka flavours to stand out properly.

Gula melaka glutinous rice balls

Dining at Kebaya was awesome. Given the SGD:MYR now, the meal was totally worth it, coming up to about SGD50+ per person. I think even with the old exchange rates, this meal would still be totally worth it. You have to try this when you go to Penang! 4.5/5! OM NOM NOM NOM!