Pugs was most pleased to hear that I hadn’t been to Pasar Bella, and so one day when I was on half day leave (year end leave clearing period…) he picked me up from where I had my morning meeting and we drove all the way down to Pasar Bella. Before it became Pasar Bella and i was studying along the Bukit Timah stretch for more than five years of my life, I used to go hang around Giant with my parents after class sometimes, but since graduating (many years ago), I haven’t been back much.

Pugs and I are on a diet 😦 This means less food and variety in our food posts going forward but we’ve decided our diet plan will still allow us to eat out and check out new places, just less at each meal.

After entering this place, we were greeted by really beautiful accessories, home decoration, and furniture. Pugs had to drag me away from shopping into the food area.

We eventually settled on salmon sashimi (definitely healthy)… and didn’t regret our choice. This was most yums and satisfying and fresh.

To offset the healthiness, we also had a plate of roast meat (angmoh roast meat…) which were v good too! i loved the mustard and the charsiew was good (and not as oily as Kay Lee…). the skin of the roast meat was super crispy and well done.

In addition to those, we also shared a nutella crepe. Unfortunately, I had a conference call to take and we didn’t take a photo of the crepe cos I was distracted by the call and Pugs was distracted trying to make sure i was fed while taking the call.

After our meal and when my call finally ended (so much for taking leave…), we moved our butts to Dutch Colony Coffee further inside.

I’ve always liked Dutch Colony Coffee and this little coffee counter in the middle of a big food place reminded me of those coffee counters in Fremantle market and so i was most pleased.

iced mocha, chai latte and a chocolate chip cookie. they were all good. noms. so much for diet. hur.

Pasar Bella has an interesting concept (kinda like marche, but not really…) and I would probably go back again to try other things, like the seafood counter, or the famous Providore. Everything we had that day was good too (although we should have taken more notice of the stall names so this would make a better review…) oh well. more for next time then!