We headed over to Salt Tapas & Bar on Christmas Eve to try out their afternoon tea sets. Unfortunately, it was… Christmas Eve, and they didn’t have that. It being Christmas Eve and there being people everywhere, we decided to stick with the place and order off the standard menu.

The food was mehhh. While the food had all the makings of fancy, and the presentation good, the flavours were unequivocally (well, based on Wolls and I at least)… disappointing.

Taco of tempura prawn, pineapple salsa and chipotle aioli

The taco of tempura prawn was ordinary, because the pineapple salsa and chipotle aioli just tasted like pineapple, mixed with some ordinary tasting cream-based sauce. Suffice it to say, the rest of the meal was ordinary as well, sometimes below average.

Pork belly sliders with pickled cucumber & chilli
Eggplant and haloumi (a type of cheese)

The only thing that tasted good was the eggplant, which is a curry tasting mix of middle eastern origin. Wolls doesn’t like weird spices in her food, so she voted that down. The haloumi had an interesting dry texture to it, and wasn’t as rich as your usual cheeses. This was probably the best dish we had there. It’s still only a 3/5 for this though.

Chilli salt and pepper squid with yuzu mayo

I ordered this, thinking you can’t go wrong with salt and pepper squid. I was wrong. The squid was anorexic, and after being deep fried, resulted in the tasteless dry thin strips that was served. Nothing chewy there. That was such a basic mistake.

Jamon and manchego croquettes with basil mayo. Mehh.

Just as we thought we were done, we realised that our order of churros had not come. We reminded the staff that we had ordered it (especially since the restaurant had so few customers). When they came, I was most pleased to find black spots in the whipped cream. To me, this was the use of actual vanilla seeds, and so promised to be a good tapas. It wasn’t :(. The churros while well fried, had none of the chewy interior that churros are supposed to have!

All in all… it was below average.